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Vaša družina znotraj univerze. Okrajšava za brate in sestre, ti ljudje so člani organizacij, se pridružite.

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

Một tuần khi mọi người bắt đầu trông giống như zombie, và khi tất cả các dự án là do và các kỳ thi bắt đầu để bật ra, hoặc popping ra ở khắp mọi ...

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

Also known as "Aktibista." These are the students who are passionate in student-related issues. Disclaimer: These people don't always necessarily join in rallies.

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

People who have come from the same province or the same alma mater. This is usually a category for organizations that have members who have come from the same places.

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

Your family inside the university. Short for brothers and sisters, these people are the members of the organizations you join.

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

It has other meanings but in the university life, this word means being a pain in the ass to someone else but in a joking manner. Usually how best friends behave when alone with each other.

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

Manual enrollment of subjects. The process of having to ask the professor to be a part of his class and maybe do some favors in order to get a slot. It is a long-term for 'Prerog' and the ...

Domain: Education; Kategória: Colleges & universities

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